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The winter months are upon us and there’s no better ways to stay warm than using free Winter Overlays. It’s an amazingly simple way to add a real-life touch of colour and atmosphere to your portraits. When you’re taking holiday images in the snow, or simply want to capture your favourite scenes of the approaching season, this is one easy tool that can make the difference. Let’s look at how you can use these overlays in your own photos to add an extra warmth and vibrancy to your digital world.

You’ll need to load the winter scene you are currently working on. Right-click your layer, choose “New” and give the selection a suitable name. You can name it anything you like, such as “My Winter Preset”, or whatever you prefer. But it should have meaning for you. This exercise can be done using winter scenery, a winter scene from our home, or a blank canvas. Once you’ve chosen your layer, load your free Winter Overlay Photoshop and place your image of choice on the layer.

Select “overlay” from the drop-down menu on the layer palette. This will bring up the overlays palette that has an a wide range of options. Here you will need to choose the design of your image as well as the colour of the image since white is the most popular choice for winter. If you’d like you could also include other colours in your selection.

Next, you’ll need to select the weather free sports overlays for photoshop effect you want to use. To accomplish this simply highlight your choice and then click to display the graphic options. Select the weather effect from the options for graphics and then click on the drop-down menu to display the different options available. The choices you can choose from is the snow effect, the light snow effect, the blizzard effect and the wintery effect, which is perfect for any sports fan.

After you’ve made your choice, click on the “save as” option to save it. Then click OK. Your image will be placed in the location you have chosen. It is possible to modify your settings in this step since the final result might not be what you had hoped for. Click on the “adjust” link above the layer you wish to change. You can alter the transparency size, transparency and the size of the layer mask and the transparency of the background.

In closing, here’s an idea that you may find useful. If you make your selection in layers, you will notice that by double clicking on a selection you’ll automatically add them all to the group. So, why not design your own snowman or snowflakes to use as logos for your business. Additionally, if you make your own image in layers you can change its shape, color and also add text. This is only a small part of the possibilities. These free overlays of sports for Photoshop will let you explore the many possibilities available with these images.